How we Learn Your Business

Learning your business is an ongoing process that starts with a free training and trial period. We also learn from your previous customer conversations and from any internal documents you want to share with us.


We want to learn everything there is to know about your business that we don’t already know. Learning your business model from idea to doorstep to understand every details of your user experience so that we can create personalization by getting to your customers to increase revenue growth and a better lifetime value.

Learning from your history:

Continuous Training and 1:1 Access:

Our management team regularly uses email/Skype/Slack to communicate with clients. This gives the ability to speak to our management staff directly and to your dedicated agents. This will give insight to see who is answering customer inquiries and allows us to constantly train each agent and learn. We see our team as an extension of your team and give you that 1:1 access.

We’re not afraid of changes:

We understand that businesses change and our infrastructure is ready to accommodate. Our internal systems lead by our management staff continuously give updates to all agents that are assigned to your campaign. We will proactively communicate with you so that there is no disruption in your service in event of any changes to your business.

Some of our SaaS Clients

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