BDP Call Center, owned and operated by BIGDOG PAYMENTS, provides a high-quality customer service experience with well-educated and well-spoken North American agents. With over a decade of experience in outbound and inbound customer service in many verticals, BDP Call Center provides a superior solution.

BIGDOG PAYMENTS, located in Montreal, Quebec has been operating since 2006. Specializing in dispute mitigation, revenue retention and online payment processing solutions for online direct marketing campaigns and e-commerce merchants.

The president of BIGDOG PAYMENTS / BDP Call Center, Anthony Ferguson, has been working in the payment processing industry for over 25 years. Leveraging long term relationships with banking partners, both domestically and internationally, has given BIGDOG PAYMENTS the upper hand in approving low – high risk merchant accounts for any merchant working in any online vertical.

Merchant accounts, risk management, portfolio management, underwriting, analytics and the holistic approach to eCommerce is how BIGDOG PAYMENTS provides the landscape for eCommerce stability and growth.

BIGDOG Payments along with its arm of execution BDP Call Center, is a leader in providing strategies to help businesses through the challenges with securing successful long term business solutions.

Based on our existing industry relationships, we stay current on industry trends as it relates to all aspects of eCommerce. As well, we pull from these same partnerships to provide buying power on behalf of our clients. Additional we operate BDP Call Center that provides KPI driven custom built programs developed for optimal consumer experience and revenue growth opportunities. We pull from years of solid relationships with product manufacturing, fulfilment, branding, marketing, funnel optimization, affiliate EPC tracking and reporting to create a well-balanced ecosystem.

In addition, we provide a full array of bookkeeping and accounts payable services so you can focus on creatively expanding your brand rather than which invoice is due and when. With the scalability of eCommerce, time is one of the most precious commodities you can have. Our goal is to help you maximize your available time and resources and turn it into its monetary equivalent at the speed of the internet!

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Boost revenue by utilizing BDP Call Center’s order recapture and lead generation campaigns by contacting web partials, abandons, calling, qualifying leads and cross-selling. 

Learn more about BDP Call Center works and our Omni Channel integrations.

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